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iCandy Scissors Australia Appoints BARBER TEMPLE as ICANDY SCISSORS Stockist & Education Partner 2022

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We're very pleased to announce in 2022 iCandy Scissors Australia appointed Barber Temple in Queensland Australia as our National Educational partner and iCandy Stockists with plans for iCandy Scissors x Barber Temple education events coming soon.

Join us in welcoming Barber Temple to the iCandy Scissors Family.


For too long Barbers have had to rely on the hairdressing industry when it comes to accessing great products and industry leading education. Barber Temple set out to change that, and give Barbers a place to call their own. Putting Australia’s leading educators and the best products, tools and equipment from around the world under one roof seems like an obvious solution to a question that has been asked for years, but it’s taken a combination of good timing and the right people to bring it together.

The goal for Barber Temple is to be a uniting force in the industry. A community accessible to Barbers from all walks. The starting point for a young career. A stepping stone for a Barber on the up. A destination for upgrading your kit. The partner for developing and upskilling your team. The place to make industry connections. To immerse yourself in Barbering.

Barber Temple is proud to partner with the biggest names in the industry, and work closely with suppliers to create an environment dedicated to Barbers and to showcase the leading products from around the world. Visit their supply shop to experience the latest tools and equipment firsthand and talk to their team of barbers about the best solution for you.

Want to become a barber? The Barber Temple Academy has been designed to connect Apprentice Barbers with highly skilled educators in a dedicated Barber environment. The Academy is the heartbeat of their business, and the basis for Barber Temple to deliver a fully accredited Certificate III in Barbering. In partnership with industry leaders MIG Training (RTO No: 1685), their focus is on offering contemporary and relevant learning outcomes, delivered by our specialised team of in-house trainers and educators.

Some of the big-name educators include:

  • Fraser Forsey | Director & Lead Educator & AMBA Best Men’s Educator 2021 & iCandy All Star National Educator 2022
  • Anthony Nafatali | Barber Temple Educator & iCandy All Star National Educator 2022
  • Steve Purcell | Founder of Uppercut Deluxe & Owner of Bare Bones Barbershop
  • Mark Rabone | American Crew International All-Star & Owner of Esquire Male Grooming
  • Tim Hutton | Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador & Owner of Hutto’s Barbershop
  • Kayne Thomas | Barber Influencer (@clipperkayne) & Owner of Clipper Kayne & Co.
  • Lino D’Adderio | American Crew International All-Star & Owner of Luigi & Son’s

Want More. Be More. Get More. At Barber Temple.


 Address: 50 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane QLD


Instagram: @barbertempleaus

Facebook Community Group:

YouTube: Barber Temple Australia  

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