iCandy Elite Series Scissors - Taking The World By Storm!

  Since taking the world by storm in 2016, the iCandy Elite Scissor Series have been showcased in Italy, London, New York & Canada, as well as Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane in Australia.
iCandy Elite Series Barbering & Salon Scissors
The iCandy Elite Scissor with its Mountain Blade is designed to increase blade strength for super sharp precision cutting.
Along with the ergonomic shaped offset handle for comfort and control, this versatile scissor has incredible performance.
The Elite Series Scissors are available in sizes 5.5, 6.0 & 6.5 inch as well as a Thinning Scissor & Texturising Scissor in size 6.0 inch.
The fine Thinning scissor will gently blend or remove weight, whilst the wider tooth texturiser is perfect on
the ends of the hair for creating that textured look.
The great thing about having a Series of Scissors is the ability to move between
cutting and texturizing with the same familiar feel of comfort and control in your hand.
The way the handle is shaped and rounded
with the rolled thumb really allows your hand to move the scissor around comfortably when performing different techniques of
cutting at different angles.
Each scissor is fitted with a unique ball bearing hinge system to reduce friction within the movement.
This allows for an effortless cutting action and super smooth performance. With a Lifetime Warranty and ability to be resharpened,
these scissors are made to last.
Scissors you will enjoy using every day.
iCandy Elite Midnight Scissors Teaser
iCandy Scissors Elite Midnight Scissor - Baldy's Barbers Favourite
[BALDY’S FAVOURITE]  @baldysbarbers iCandy Scissors UK 🇬🇧 Ambassador & Educator.
Created With iCandy Scissors by Mike Giraldo New York USA
By iCandy Scissors NEW YORK Ambassador Mike Giraldo
- New York USA @mikes_custom_kuts
iCandy Scissors Elite Series Scissors
iCandy Scissors Australia - Bruce Leeroy iCandy Elite Scissor Salute
By Bruce Leeroy - @thebarberbandit_
The Loft Barbershop Brisbane Australia @the_loft_barbershop 
iCandy Elite Midnight Series Scissors Collection

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